The Taiwanese Experience


“The Taiwanese Experience” is the title of my first Book.  It will be an Photography Book of course and it will exclusively contain only Photographs for so far …

Sometimes I think it would be good to add text, but my english is to bad. Of course i could write it in Luxembourgian, French, German or Portuguese but well … maybe for the next one.

I will become my first copy soon but it will not be the definitive format. It will be for refference… to have first impressions and to take final choices befor Editing…

Actually the Book contains 124 pages with 120 landscape Photos in an A4Amercianised version. Hardcover and high Quality Print.

For +- 130 USD… In my opinion maybe to expensif I dont know I am waiting to see the result …

One Big Issue is the Image for the Cover … I choose an Pork head, but seems like Taiwaneese People see this as offense … So I think about other alternative …


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