New Page Page Design

I finally find a Design for my web page that I like… I think it looks good1 What do you think about?

Source: New Page Page Design


5 thoughts on “New Page Page Design

  1. Hi Jose,
    You subscribed to my blog on June 1st this year. Thats just about 6 weeks ago?!
    Presumably you wanted to see large nature pictures from Norway? And over the last 6 weeks, we have published no less than 150 pictures without any respons – good or bad – from you? Which force us to conclude that you must have had an all together different agenda? You’re still on, but not for long . . .


      1. So if you haven’t got the time anyway, why subscribe? But, Ok, I’ll give you some more time. You have the rest of the month. Then you’re out. And you’re welcome to re-subscribe when you’ve got the time!


      2. I subscribe because I checked the page from my Pc at work and I find thee a nice pictures … But just for information … No one force me to push a like … I am free to subscribe what I want and to use my time how I want and see what I want … So You no need to pull me out because I already Un-subscribe … I am free to do, push, read, follow, and un-follow what I want. And pressure dosnt work on me …


  2. Your choice, entirely! And no, you don’t have to give a ‘like’ if you don’t appreciate my pictures, but then I don’t understand why you are here in the first place? Normally people don’t subscribe to blogs they don’t find interesting, – unless they just want to occupy space on the ‘community grid’ marketing themselves.
    But you’ve just proved to me that you do have the time? Bye for now then!


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