Media Exposure

For  the first   time my Photographs  are presented  in  

a magazine. “The Inspired Eye” Theme my Photographs of Taipei!


Yes, I am proud and feel a little bit like a Star! My Ego is high today

But lets stay humble …

I still need learn and work hard to become that what I really want. But I am sure that I will reach it. Because i believe in myself and nothing can turn me away from that what I want to Reach!

Big Thank’s to Olivier Duong from “Inspired Eye Magazine”

If You want Purchase the magazine click on the following Link:


Featured in Inspired Eye Magazine for the second time   🙂



The second Time and yes of course I feel proud. It give me push to continue and to be better and never give up my dreams.

Yes my Friend,s never give up your Dream,s, never!


Thank You Oliver and Mr. Don Springer.