Far from Home 

Social – Documentary Photography Project

Migrant Worker in Taiwan



The Taiwanese Experience 

(Long Term Street- Documentary Photography Project and  Photography Book Project to present my work to the People)


The Book is finally on Amazon for the moment. Yes I know it is quite Expensive for a thin Photography Book. I am looking for Solutions …

But for the moment if you really want it You can Buy it here


Book Cover

The Taiwanese Chewing Gum 

(Documentary Photography Project)


Betel nut consummation  or the Taiwanese Chewing Gum is a big Health issue here in Taiwan, but still a big  business.

Text and Photographs coming soon…



As Social and Documentary Photographer and in order to gain more practice I would like to offer some time to Non Profit   Organisation’s and work with them on different Photographic Projects. (Animal Rescue, Humanitarian Organisations etc) In Taiwan (Taipei and New Taipei) I would do it for free on my free time …

If you need an Photographer to Document your Projects don’t hesitate to enter in contact with me.


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